The dog cannot tolerate being confined

Have you ever thought that animals also have dignity! This dog was tied to the balcony. After years of enduring the ruthlessness and indifference of its master, he woke up and decided to jump from the residence and use his life to accuse the master. Fortunately, it was finally rescued.


So why did the dog jump out of the building, it turns out this is a dog that has been locked up alone on the balcony for a while, named Bella, besides throwing some food to him, the owner basically ignores it. can see every day. It was the balcony on the third floor and a bit of space outside the balcony, such days really unbearable, and it made the act of jumping off the building.

The chain holding it on the balcony could be seen now rusty, very short in length, unable to move freely. It hasn’t left the balcony for several years.

It also had to pay a very high price to seek its own freedom, it seemed to forget that it was tied to the neck by a chain, when jumping down it was hung on it, it stayed. 5 hours until an American animal named SNARR. Rescue organizations and another animal association (ESMA) came to help it.

After we rescued him upstairs, we discovered that in addition to being locked up for a long time, the dog was severely malnourished and scrawny. After rescuers took Bella for treatment, they finally decided to send it to Massachusetts, where a family was willing to adopt it.

Upon arriving at a new place, Bella has recovered well and comes back with a strong black back. There are other dogs playing with him in the house, and now he has the freedom he ever dreamed of. Beautiful Bella now, enjoy your life!

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