8 techniques to raise 3-tailed goldfish for a long life

How to raise a healthy 3-tailed goldfish? What do goldfish eat? What are the 3 tailed goldfish foods for? How healthy is a goldfish swimming in an aquarium? Many questions regarding the 3-tailed goldfish breed sent us. After summarizing a lot of information from experienced fish farmers, we will answer for you through the article below.


Density of goldfish swimming in the aquarium

The best way to keep a goldfish swimming in the tank is to choose a standard breed. Choosing fish is one of the basic skills to master. When choosing fish, choose fish with smooth, vibrant color. These are good and healthy fish. The amount of fish should also match the size of your aquarium.

The ideal ratio of water to fish is 1000: 1. The ratio between the length of the goldfish and the length of the aquarium should be 1:10 or more. This can ensure the ư of the goldfish tank and adequate dissolved oxygen.

Selecting light is also one of the key skills of keeping 3-tailed goldfish. After placing the fish in the tank, place the aquarium in a place exposed to sunlight for 1 – 2 hours.

This can use the ultraviolet rays of sunlight for disinfection. And from that can reduce fish diseases. The disease of the fish should be based primarily on prevention. Medication is secondary. And this will make the fish’s body bright and beautiful. Fish grow faster, live longer.

What do goldfish eat? 3-tailed goldfish food

Goldfish feed is of animal origin

Do you know what goldfish eat? Goldfish love to eat meat foods, especially nutritious meats. Food for 3-tailed goldfish can be mentioned: worms (earthworms, powder worms), water lice … Currently popularly using earthworms as food for aquarium fish.

Fish are fed with earthworms on a regular basis with a sufficient amount in good health. The fish grows faster, is more vibrant in color, and has fewer diseases. Some foods for goldfish:

Cyclops beetle: A species of copepod crustacean, green-gray in color. When feeding the fish these bugs need to soak in hot water to weaken them. Because the Cyclops bug swims very quickly, it is difficult for the fish to catch up, in addition, it can injure the fish.
Shoe sole: is a plankton. The straw can be used to breed the same shoe sole, which is very suitable for fry.
Rodent beetle (loot): mosquito larvae. High nutritional content, easy to find, fish loves to eat.
Waterworms: there are many types, is a favorite food for goldfish.
Food for 3-tailed goldfish is of plant origin
What do goldfish eat other than animal meat? For 3-tailed goldfish, animal food is best suitable for healthy fish development. However, in many cases it is not possible to feed them animals.

Plants have no roots and are small in size and have a fairly high nutritional profile. It is possible to feed the fish with small bran duckweed, used for adult fish of large size. But should not eat too much goldfish.

Before feeding goldfish eat something need to check for parasites or parasitic eggs or not. Should soak in Potassium Manganese solution before feeding.

Industrial 3-tailed goldfish feed

In addition to natural 3-tailed goldfish food, industrial food is an important source of nutrients. Most of the people who keep 3-tailed goldfish do not have time to process fresh food. There are many types of pellets on the market today. Suitable for people with little spare time.

Ingredients feed industrial 3-tailed goldfish have nutritional content suitable to the needs of fish development. Albumin, powdered sugar, fat, mineral salts and vitamins help fish develop healthy.

Using commercial feed is ideal for large-scale or busy 3-tailed goldfish farming. But no matter what the goldfish eat, it needs adequate nutrition.

How to feed the 3-tailed goldfish

Goldfish food by age

As a baby, three-tailed goldfish cannot eat the food of adult fish. Goldfish eat something that needs to be in liquid form specifically for babies. Commercially available at fish feed stores.

This liquid contains many micronutrients that are beneficial for the growth of the fry. Remember to feed them this only for the first week of life.

Once the goldfish have started to grow, switch from liquid food to egg yolks. At this stage you need to be a little bit of a pain. First boil the egg, separate the yolks and grind them into a yellow powder.

After they are quite strong, what should the goldfish eat? You can feed them with the usual menu like large fish. You can buy food for 3-tailed goldfish at stores specializing in aquarium fish. Or stores that sell aquariums offer a wide variety of products as well.

Diet for fish

Number of feedings
What to eat a day for goldfish should be limited to 1-2 times. In weather conditions, normal fluids can increase the amount of three-tailed goldfish feed moderately.

Feeding time
Spring and summer should we feed goldfish? When? This time should feed the 3-tailed goldfish early. Around 6-7am when the sun rises, feed the 3-tailed goldfish. Late autumn and winter may be later, around 7-8 am. Avoid giving the goldfish something to eat at dusk. In the afternoon, the fish should be fed once every 3 hours, even though the fish show food-seeking symptoms, they should not be fed.

Food amount
The larger 3-tailed goldfish gradually increase the amount of food, but do not give the goldfish too much food. Especially, industrial goldfish food must be carefully controlled.

Processing cheap 3-tailed goldfish food at home

Prepare raw materials for processing

If you do not know what to feed your goldfish, you can completely make your own food at home. Very simple with the following ingredients:

  • Spirulina: Use pellets, easy to pulverize and reduce dosage.
  • Multivitamins: Centrum pills can be used.
  • Anbumin powder.
  • Calcium tablets.
  • Cornstarch.
  • Yeast: a digestive aid.
  • Carrots: washed, peeled and mashed.
  • Fresh river shrimp: remove the head and shell, boil it, then grind it into powder.
  • Soybean meal: if home-made bean paste is best, ensure hygiene.
  • Tools: clean bowl, mortar, noodle maker, square glass.

How to make 3-tailed goldfish food

  • Put synthetic vitamin tablets in a mortar and pound it into a fine powder, the ratio of 1 kg of fish weight is equivalent to 1 vitamin tablet.
  • Spirulina ground into a powder. The rate is 3 – 4 times the amount of Vitamin, depending on the condition of the fish.
  • Anbumin powder one and a half cups or two cups, calcium half a pound ground into powder
  • Yeast can be crushed or not, mixed 1 teaspoon
  • Pick the carrot bulbs 20cm long, 3cm in diameter, peeled and pureed
  • Shrimp with crushed head,
  • You can use 3-5 cloves of pureed garlic, which are effective in preventing intestinal diseases

After being crushed, the ingredients are mixed together. Break raw eggs and mix well. Add cornstarch and soybeans in a 1: 1 ratio. After mixing well, put all of the mixture into the noodle maker. Spread evenly on the glass plate.

Keep the food mixture for 3-tailed goldfish in a cool place, let dry naturally. Absolutely do not expose to direct sunlight. Once dry, use a knife or hand to squeeze into small particles.

Refrigerate to avoid mold and germs. Just do a moderate amount each time, to avoid redundancy. Now, do not have to worry about what to feed the goldfish.

Water quality 3-tailed goldfish aquarium

Goldfish swim in the water, so if their habitat is guaranteed, of course they will always be healthy. Water is the habitat of the fry from birth. The water quality must be adequate enough for them to survive and grow.

In the aquarium, goldfish swim with stagnant water and no flow, so it is easy to become dirty, cloudy. Especially when the mother fish has just given birth.

If you want your adorable goldfish to be healthy, you must change the water and wash the tank regularly. Especially after a batch of goldfish are born. In addition, you should separate the fry from the larger ones, so that they will not be eaten by the large fish.

When changing the water in a 3-tailed goldfish tank you should also be cautious about cleaning the tank. For a long time, the aquarium will accumulate dirt. But also keep in mind those aquatic plants that are beneficial for goldfish. The ways to raise goldfish in small bottles are similar, the water environment needs to be changed regularly.

Certain water conditions for goldfish to swim

This is tap water or well water that has just been pumped out. The temperature of plain water is often very different from the water temperature in the aquarium. It contains a lot of chlorine gas which is very harmful to goldfish.

New water
This is clean water from tap water or well water or spring water. Water is dried in the sun for 2 – 3 days. At that time, the new water temperature is similar to the water temperature in the aquarium.

Old country
It is dirty water containing feces and dirt on the bottom of the aquarium. Includes aquarium water that has not been changed for a long time. This goldfish swimming in there is a very high risk of disease.

Water is blue
Water has many green moss floating in the water. They are a good source of secondary food for goldfish. This type of water has low organic matter content but quite high dissolved oxygen.

Goldfish swim in soft blue water and clean. Using clean, light green water to raise the fish will be very healthy, eat healthy, and have a strong body. Fish gain weight quickly and color more brilliantly.

Old water in return
If it is discovered that old blue water in the original swimming pool suddenly becomes clear, many types of green algae precipitate on the bottom of the tank, this phenomenon is called clear water. This water fish is susceptible to disease and needs to be replaced.

Designing a water filtration system for 3-tailed goldfish

The design of the water filter is essential. There are many ways to keep goldfish swimming without oxygen, and scientific water filters can help fish breathe better. When adding tiny swimming goldfish to the tank, of course you have to be much more attentive and sophisticated in how to filter the tank.

If you could use the straws or funnel to filter the water in the past, now with the appearance of goldfish swimming should be careful. It is more likely that they will get stuck in those devices. Even being sucked out without your knowledge.

Ideally, you should use a net racket to remove the fry to a different pot of water before proceeding with the tank cleaning. Water filter designs should be suitable for the type of goldfish you are keeping.

Guaranteed for different sizes. Water filtration helps clean water and ventilation. And of course this is the ideal environment for goldfish to swim and live

Techniques of changing water in goldfish tanks

Wash the goldfish tank

Under normal conditions, change the water once a day, using a straw to remove all the dirt from the bottom of the tank. Each time about 1 / 10-1 / 5 water change, then slowly let the water run along the wall of the tank.

In case the tank grows too much moss, the water quality deteriorates significantly, it is necessary to replace all the water in the tank. Or when the owner wants to change to another tank. It can be done in two ways:

If there is no other aquarium, the fish can be transferred to a tank for temporary farming. Then rinse the tank clean, fill it with clean water, let the water settle for a while and then drop the fish into the tank.
When transferring the fish to another tank, pay attention to the water temperature. The best time to replace the tank is early in the morning before 9:00. This applies only to adults or larger fish. Before changing the water, you can drop the fish in the old water, then drop into the tank. Thus, fish can easily adapt to the water temperature.

Water exchange goldfish swimming pools at the bottom

This method is usually applied on hot summer days. Using a straw dropped to the bottom of the tank, sucks out fish waste, dirt, and bottom water. Each time about 1/10 – 1/5 of the water withdrawn until the tank water is completely clean.

Then let the water flow slightly along the wall of the tank, avoiding cloudiness. This method has the advantage of being safe for fish, easy to make, and suitable for small indoor aquariums. Aquarium water can be replaced with hand pump aids or by using recirculating water pipes.

Water exchange goldfish 3 tail parts

This method is usually applied in the summer and early autumn. This is the time when the aquarium is susceptible to metamorphism due to sedimentation. Before changing the water, the farmer needs to remove all the fish and put them in a separate tank.

Then, stirring the water spiral to allow the dirt to settle in one place. Use a hose to suck out waste and drain 1/3 – 1/2 of the water. Replace the clean water in the tank, wait a while for the temperature to stabilize before adding the fish.

There is also a method to change all the water in the tank. However, it should be limited to use this method because the goldfish swimming for a while is used to the old water.

When changing the whole water, they will be shocked by not being used to the new environment. Old water, although not completely clean, has many benefits to fish as well.

Taking care of goldfish, especially changing water for goldfish swimming is a complicated job. This stage requires a lot of skills that not all new players have. This is also the reason why the fish they raise often dies after a short time.

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