8 rules for raising the Egyptian Fairy Fish that breeds long tails

Egyptian elf fish, also known as fairy fish, fairy fish. A species of fish in the Cichlidae family of the genus Pterophyllum (fairy fish or mermaid). They are a popular aquarium fish and are not difficult to keep. However, do you know how much the Egyptian Fairy fish costs? Cheap or expensive?

Raising Fairy Tales needs to ensure adequate nutrition, but you need to know what Angel Fairy eats, is there a variety of food for Angelfish fish? What is the size of the pool for comfortable swimming? What is a quiet environment, avoiding fear or stress for the fish?


Living behavior of Egyptian fairy fish

The Egyptian Fairy Fish is a very popular freshwater aquarium fish. This fish has a very special shape. The fins and body form a perfectly isosceles triangle. And their subtle color combinations make them the most eye-catching beauty.

When raising fish Than Tien, it is important to understand that this fish has a very strong territorial nature. They often compete with each other and with other fish. The fish can be eaten with anything, food for the fish, and sometimes even the fish are kept together.

If you want to combine farming, choose benign fish that are less territorial. Other varieties of fish with fin preening behavior should be avoided.

How to breed Egyptian fairy fish

The fish varieties are suitable for grafting

When choosing aquarium fish, priority should be given to the selection of small or medium sized fish. Fish that are too large will overwhelm the Fairy, reducing their prominence. The fish must be able to swim quickly, otherwise it will be bullied by the elf. It is also necessary to grasp what Fairy fish eat, avoid eating each other.

The small size rat breeds are very suitable for keeping with the Than Tien fish. This fish helps to remove algae clinging to the tank walls and rock surfaces.

At the same time clean up leftovers and other fish species’ waste. The popular varieties of rat fish today can include: Thai, American, Panda …

Another group of fish that are also easy to keep is the Tetra family (or carp). For example the Neon fish, often kept with Guppies. This fish will not affect the Fairy fish. Also can be auxiliary to enhance the beauty of the aquarium.

Fish varieties should be avoided when breeding

Fish of the Cichlid family (tilapia or king fish) should be avoided. Because these breeds are predominantly prone to violence. Especially Arhat fish, Kim Cuong fish, Hoang Bao Yen … Otherwise, it can lead to chaotic battles, causing injury to fish.

The Tu Van fish is a taboo fish when kept with the Egyptian Fairy. Because they have the habit of preening the fins of other fish. Especially goldfish, Angel Tien fish and other varieties of slow swimming, long tail. Fish that has been puffed for a long time will be stressed, susceptible to disease and death. Not to mention that the fins are rusted, making them unattractive.

Designing the Egyptian Fairy aquarium

The Egyptian Fairy Fish is a wild fish from the rivers of Colombia, South America. In captivity they need a glass tank of at least 30 gallons of water, with soft, slightly acidic water.

Stone and driftwood can be added to decorate the tank, but space should be left for fish to freely swim. They are very difficult to breed in captivity.

Pay attention to adjust stable water quality, change water periodically. Depending on the amount of food for the Fairy Fish, the water change time is changed. Especially when the fish is first released if there is any phenomenon of fins falling out.

Change water for Egyptian Fairy aquarium

The daily routine of controlling Egyptian Fairy fish is mainly about maintaining stable water and changing water. If you feed a lot every day, you will also need to work harder to change the water. Particularly, fish that have just been bought are susceptible to tail and fin rot diseases. On the body carry parasites.

Immediately take the fish out to quarantine once this situation occurs. Avoid infecting other fish. As long as the adaptive status of the Egyptian Fairy Fish is stabilized, it can be raised like any other fish.

What do Fairy Fish eat? Food for Egyptian angelfish

This fish lives on the Amazon River. So they have an abundance of food. So what should the Fairy fish eat? They can be eaten by a variety of species such as larvae, worms, moina (bobo, water eggs), aquatic insects, small fish, and small shrimp.

This is an omnivorous fish. If you want to keep them in an aquarium, you can purchase Egyptian Fairy Fish food from the aquarium store. Food can be purchased and sold for as much as you want.

The food of Egyptian Fairy fish is very diverse. The Fairy Fish can eat anything, they are not picky in choosing food. It is possible to feed fish with larvae, worms, algae, water insects, small fish, shrimp … In addition, you can use industrial Egyptian Fairy fish food.

Red worms

What is the favorite fish of the Fairy? That is the red worms. Favorite food for most types of fish But it is easy to carry pathogens because the food source is not clean.

Fish that eat red worms often cause disease, should not be fed often. However, fish that are not eating can give red worms to stimulate taste. Wait for the fish to stabilize and then switch to other mini Angel fish food. It is a very good source of nutrition for fish.


If you don’t know what the Fairy fish eat then use Artemia. Is a small saltwater crustacean. They share the same family as shrimp, only live in clean water, less parasites. Artemia is high in calcium, which is very good for fish.

When buying, it is necessary to see whether food for the Egyptian Elves is new or not, by smelling it. If there is a strong odor, the preparation area is not clean, or has been left for a long time. Whatever you feed the Fairy Tales, you must still eat it fresh. Feeding Artemia regularly is very healthy.

Bread for fish

In addition to the above types, what else do the Fairy fish eat? Bread is often used for fish discs due to its rich nutritional content. For Egyptian angelfish, this is also a very good food.

However, the bread is very easy to contaminate the water source. Therefore, if you do not know what to feed the Fairy Fish, you should give a little. After the fish is finished eating, it must be quickly removed from the tank, without leaving any crumbs. At first, if the fish is not used to it, they can be fed every other day, then feed more often.

Breeding Egyptian fairy fish

Aquarium spawning Egyptian Fairy

The Egyptian Fairy Fish can spawn naturally in an aquarium like in the wild. The aquarium dedicated to the spawning Goddess should not be too small.

The best standard should have a capacity of 50 – 60 liters of water. In the lake, we should place a cluster of seaweed so that the head of the seaweed is about 20cm to reach the lake water surface.

Reproduction time

When they are 1 year old, they are capable of spawning, their spawning time is in the rainy season. You should separate the fish into a separate tank and place the media in the aquarium for the elf fish to breed. No filtration system but still need a mild aerator.

Fairy fish give birth but parents like to eat their offspring gradually. So, when the Mini Fairy fish hatchlings are finished hatching, you have to catch the broodfish separately, or leave the nest to a different tank.

Provide adequate food for the Fairy fish to not go hungry. How much the Egyptian Angelfish costs when growing up is also influenced by good care or not.

How to raise mini Fairy fish

Mini angels are about 3-4 days old, young fish know how to eat. At this time, what does the Fairy Fish eat? The food for mini Fairy fish is mainly bo bo, egg powder or Biscotte (golden roasted rice flour mixed with dried egg yolk). Mini Fairy Fish from ten days old can eat larvae.

During the time when the eggs are not hatching and until the Mini Fairy is available, the aquarium must be provided with regular oxygen for the eggs to hatch evenly and the fry to grow quickly. About two months old, the Mini Fairy fish is considered mature enough.

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