8 most unacceptable things

Raising a cat is sometimes a headache, but raising a cat is also a lot of fun. In the process of raising a cat, the 8 most unacceptable things, the last thing that makes people laugh crazy, see if you have been hired?

1. Wash your feet with a glass of water
Cats like to be clean, and sometimes they do unexpected things to clean themselves. Immediately after going to the toilet, you will use feet that have been buried in the stool, soak the water you put on the table, then wash your feet naturally. The important point is that it will also throw foot wash water on the face!

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2. Frequent lack of play
A cat is a very light creature. It has no sound when it walks. If it wants to go out, you don’t know when it leaves. “When I appear in front of you, I will be shocked!”

3. Jump up and down to break everything
Cats that have just arrived at a new home will have a good time adjusting. If you have a particularly noisy owner, you will often jump up and down. Hearing the sound of these bricks breaking, the shovel staff was really heartbroken ~

4. Crazy if you can’t open the door
If your cat is not a cat that can open doors, then it is not a qualified cat. The success rate of the cat opening the door can reach more than 70%. If you lock it, it will try to open the door like crazy until it “attracts you”!

5. Pee in bed
Not to mention that only pee in the owner’s bed, and cats also pee in the formal bed. Some naughty cats, as long as they have a chance to open the bedroom, they will go up and pee without hesitation. Perhaps they want to confirm the site?

6. Cat’s fur is visible everywhere
Cats will also shed their fur, although not by much, you can still see it falling everywhere, such as on your clothes, beds, sofas, eating your dishes and bowls! Anyway, in one word, it’s all Mao, Mao, Mao!

Because cats have a lot of cat hair, cats often lick their fur, their fur licks more, is prone to fur disease, accumulates fur in the stomach, which is likely to cause discomfort, so the main pet cats can feed a little cream fur, Can let cats shed hair and maintain intestinal health!

7. Illness
Cat disease is one of the unacceptable things for many scavengers. Even if the cat made a noise, breaking everything was only a pain. Once it is really sick, not only will it burn money, but it will make the cat more uncomfortable. Also very painful, more afraid it “left”!

8. See you going to the toilet
I believe that any cat litter dealer who has a cat is knowledgeable. Whenever you want to go to the toilet to pull papa, the cat will follow you step by step, and some will follow you to the toilet and look at you. You are really ashamed, the cat is so nervous, for fear that your toilet-free behavior makes people feel funny and helpless.

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