7 things that the original owner did will make Teddy very touched

Teddy dogs are very similar to humans. They can sense your owners for a long time with their owners. When the owner does the following 7 things, the teddy dog ​​will feel very moved. I do not know how much you did. ?

1. Please hug it as soon as you get home
For busy office workers, there is very little time to accompany the teddy dog. When we were not at home, a dog was waiting for its owner to return. Long wait makes them feel sad. The dog must be very emotional to be able to hug Teddy.https://wewpet.com/cockapoo/

2. Respect its wishes
Some teddy dogs are more caring and will never do things they don’t like to do. If the owner forced him to do something, the teddy dog ​​would be very disgusting, such as forcing it to make friends. Conversely, if the owner respects Teddy’s wishes and doesn’t force him to do things he doesn’t like, Teddy will be very emotional.

3. Take care of it when you feel unwell
Teddy puppies are sure to have unpleasant moments. When they are uncomfortable, they will feel uncomfortable. At the moment, they are the most vulnerable and they hope to be accompanied by others. If only he could do it when Teddy wasn’t well. If you take care of it, it will be very moving.

4. You can play outside every day
Teddy dogs live naturally and enjoy playing. If they can go out every day, they must be very happy. This is their dream dream. If the owner could take it out every day, it would surely be very grateful to the master.

5. Find a partner for it
As we know, teddy puppies are very affectionate, especially oestrus, they like to run around. To make Teddy happy, the owner can also find a mate for him, give birth to children and organize a Teddy family. It will certainly be very touching.

6. Train your patience
Although Teddy is smart and learns things quickly, it is not easy to train. It’s easy to get impatient when training. Owners must pay attention to the method and be patient enough. .

7. Eat well every day
For Foodie Teddy, eating is a life event. If the owner could give him aromatic food every day, he would certainly be touched, but Teddy dogs should not be eaten randomly, especially human food. Human food has too much salt and other spices. Teddy is easy to eat. For tears, dog food is better than dog food.

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