6 levels of pet owners

Today, more and more people raise dogs. I believe that many people love their Wang Xing. In fact, the Wang Xing people also love their masters, and they love their masters in different classes. Today, I will come to talk to you. Let’s talk about that, Wang Xingren loves the 6 levels of pet owners and see where you are!

Level 6: I like to see you

If your dog loves you at level 6, then it will definitely love staring at you. This breed is not overly enthusiastic, it is quieter and prefers to watch the owner’s movements.

When you need it, as long as you call it, the dog will pass by, but it usually likes sleeping! why do dogs like to be pet

Level 5: Comfort the owner

If your dog will observe your emotions, when you are happy, he will be enthusiastic about you, when you are sad, he will also comfort you, be with you, turn around and lick you.

A dog with this behavior means it loves you at level 5, and the dog is also very loyal!

Level 4: Act like a baby to you

If Wang Xingren loves you at level 4, then he will definitely like to treat you, and he will love you most at home, and will not bully you, but will only bully those who dislike it.

Level 3: Wait for you to go home

If your dog loves you at level 3, then it will definitely love taking you to work, and waiting for you to leave work. It will stay home well for a day, and then wait quietly at the door for you to return.

The moment you open the door, the dog will be especially happy and excited, licking you and spinning around you constantly.

Level 2: Obey the commands

Wang Xingren behaves very well. If Wang Xingren loves you at level 2, then it will certainly obey your commands, and it will do it without training some skills. Usually the owner can train more dogs, and he is very greedy, as long as he cooperates with some delicious snacks, he will be very happy!

Level 1: Inseparable from you

If Wang Xingren loves you at level 1, then it will definitely be inseparable from you. Whether at home or outside, the dog will follow you all the time, even if it’s going to the toilet, it will wait for you at the door. The dog in this situation shows that he really loves you, the owner must accompany the dog more!

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