Alaska, when I was young, it was very cute

Alaska, when I was young, it was very cute. The silky soft hair looks so cute. It is very cute and lively. I couldn’t help but like it when I saw it. But many people want to regret after raising it and want to come back to give themselves two mouths. They all said they were really useless unless they were cute. They are deceived by their appearance, and they are deceived by others.

1. Need a lot of patience

Don Tiet looks at Alaska, looks silly, very stupid, cute and well behaved, but conversely, a hippy smile after vandalism can make you cry, and the ability to destroy the house is not inferior. What Huskies. Oh, it’s a few minutes to demolish a house. This is a test of your employer’s patience, otherwise you can help but do it.

2. Need certain financial capabilities

If you raise Alaska, you can do it without a financial ability. Take home and food demolition as an example, this will check the owner’s wallet. Dismantling houses to make furniture or destroy furniture, these costs cost a lot of money. Not to mention food, it’s definitely a huge sum of money. Alaska is a large dog and very greedy. The demand for food is really beyond your imagination. It’s really too edible, and it really can’t be helped without financial means.

3. Need a certain amount of stamina

As a sled dog, Alaska energy, very strong and unable to meet its sporting needs. It is very likely to demolish its home, so the owner must arrange training for it, but this also causes a headache for many owners, because People today are relatively lazy, especially in breaks, thinking about taking your dog out for a walk, which makes people very tired, and your fitness may not keep up with Alaska.

4. It’s hard to teach

Alaska IQ IQ is neither high nor low. Training also requires a lot of patience and is relatively difficult, but training is needed, otherwise it will make people feel scared and taller like a “bear”. In addition, it is still a relatively enthusiastic dog, and it seems to be in a hurry, so it is necessary to prevent some things from happening and train Alaska well.

Five, bathing is laborious and time consuming

If you want a high Alaskan bath, it’s really very hard. It requires not only power but also time. Its hair is very thick and takes a long time to clean it. If Alaska doesn’t cooperate, it really is a job. Painful things, the owner can flee in minutes.

Six, pay attention to diet

Alaska has beautiful hair, long and thick, is much loved. It is also an important reason to want to feed it. Real beauty has nothing to say. But its hair loss will also make you speechless, and the makeover time will make you feel like you’re covered by hair.

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