Horse dog is a very good dog breed

Horse dog is a very good dog breed. Some netizens said that since raising dogs, they feel other dogs are “weak”. Why do they say that? Simply analyze the advantages of disassembling dogs, do you like it?


Be a heroic warrior
Judging from the silent appearance of the horse dog, those who do not understand the horse dog are likely to think that it will be gentle and harmless like Hachiko, and even look a little shy, but when protected, it comes out. show up. A desperate look of Saburo was undoubtedly a heroic warrior.

very adaptive
Dog’s adaptability is also very strong. It can adapt to harsh environments, so every task can be done well, and horse dogs are very easy to raise, not fussy at all, but be careful. many, and they also do a good job of dieting and caring.

The dog is docile and pleasant, and loyal to its owner. And it can get along with friendly old people or children. It is natural to protect the owner but be a little wary of strangers. Once the owner or himself is attacked, it will move forward immediately to protect the owner from harm. At the same time, he is also a good guy at the nursing home, always being on high alert, and will respond to any disturbance.

Good physical
Their physical strength and dog breed are different, and their natural physical strength will be different, just like different human species, and their structural characteristics are completely different. This is the same reason. How good is the horse’s horse? The 2.3 meter high fence can be easily passed, and its excellent bouncing ability makes it a high jumper between canines. The second is their strong running ability and tracking ability.

Can train
One of the reasons horses and dogs can become army and police dogs is because they have high obedience and are especially willing to obey their master’s orders. Therefore, the training is very easy. This is also the reason why many people do not care about other dogs after keeping a dog. When training a dog or horse, it is best for the pet owner to fit some snacks, so that the training will be easier.

Such a great horse dog, would you be tempted to have one? Another point is that some owners hope that their horses are stronger and stronger, and that they can feed their dogs raw meat. However, this method is not supported. Raw meat contains bacteria and parasites. Dogs that eat it will increase the chances of parasites.

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