5 criteria for keeping the Blue King Neonatal fish for healthy reproduction

Neon King or Emperor Neon fish, Neon Blue fish … Is a freshwater fish in the Characidae family. Distributed in South America in the basin of the Negro and Orinoco rivers. They are favored as aquarium fish due to their eye-catching striking colors.

Currently, the demand for buying, selling and raising real Neonatal fish is increasing. So you already know how to breed Neon King fish to breed? What is the food for Blue Neon fish? What is the living environment like?


Habitat of Neon King fish

Neon king fish – Neon emperor fish is native to Brazil and Colombia, on the Amazon basin. The best suitable temperature for fish growth is 20 ℃ – 26 ℃, pH 5 – 7, water hardness 1- 2.

They only live in soft water environments, but after many generations of artificial breeding. Nowadays, Neon emperor fish can be kept in water of relative hardness.

Habitat of Neon emperor fish
The Emperor Neonates have a slightly flattened diamond shape, 4 – 5cm long. Head flat, mouth slightly rounded, tail fin wide. Their most distinctive feature is a blue band extending from the head to the base of the tail, the lower part of the tail red. When fish swarm in groups, their whole body will reflect sparkling light, very beautifully. So many people call them the Blue Neon Fish.

How to raise the Neon King fish is not too complicated, but there are a few points to note. The suitable temperature for growth of Neon Blue fish is 24 – 26 ℃, with soft acidic water. The tank does not need to be too bright. Food for Blue Neon fish includes mollusks, nematodes, industrial Blue Neon fish food.

The Neon King has a gentle personality, likes to gather in a swimming school on the bottom floor. They are agile and can be kept with other types of freshwater fish. Encourage keeping in aquariums to provide shelter for them.

How to breed Neon fish to breed

Habitat of Neon spawning fish

Neon fish breed when they are about 6 months old, 8-10 months is the best breeding age. Neon spawning aquarium should be the smallest size 30 * 25 * 25cm and be planted with many plants.

About 12 hours after fertilization, the fish will give birth, each time the Neonates breed, the fish lays 200-300 eggs. After 4-5 days the fry are large enough, can swim freely to feed.

The Neon King fish is not an easy species to keep. To breed Neonates, it is necessary to pay much attention to the water quality and living conditions. It is best to use low hardness water, adjust the pH about 5.6 – 6.5. Aerate for 2-3 days, then drain the water into a prepared glass bottle.

It is recommended to use a jar with a diameter of 90mm, a height of 180mm, a depth of 130mm, and a nylon net at the bottom (the mesh is small enough for the fish to swim). On the net planted a few plants. Each vase likewise stocked a pair of Blue Neon fish.

Breeding neon fish

When it starts to get dark, drop a pair of bred fish into the jar. Surround the jar body to create a dark and quiet space. Usually spawning Neonates will spawn the next morning, at 10am, open the jar to observe once. The spawning fish can be released, the unspawned fish can be kept in the bottle for another 2-3 days. On the 3rd or 4th day, if they have not yet given birth, they must return to their old place.

During the breeding process, the neonates should not be fed to fish, to avoid deterioration of the water. For fertilized eggs, about 9-10 am, separate from unfertilized eggs (opaque white in color).

Collect the fertilized eggs in an incubator (size 30 * 25 * 25cm) to incubate. It is best to use soft, weakly acidic water. Use old water to incubate eggs, avoid changing new water.

Each incubation tank concentrates 400 – 500 eggs, after 48 hours, the Blue Neon fish will hatch. Water temperature maintained at 25 ℃. It is advisable to use a cover sheet or paper to avoid excessive light causing defects in the baby Blue Nenon.

Food for the Neon King fish

Feed for baby neon fish
In general it is very easy to feed the Neon King fish. However, there are different nutritional needs at each stage.

For the first time feeding the Blue Neon, use the egg yolks (cooked) to mix with the water. Filter through 200 mesh, drip into the aquarium. After a while when the fry are swimming stronger, use a 150 net to filter.

When the Neon King fish grows slowly, the feeding time is longer than that of other fish species. Until the fish is about 5cm long, it must be moved to a larger tank. Care should be taken to adjust the water so that the fish can adapt to the new environment.

Currently, the price of Neon King fish is quite cheap, about 8,000 – 20,000 / fish. You can buy food for Neon King fish at pet stores in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang …

Food for large Neon fish
Neon king fish is omnivorous fish, food includes insect larvae, threadworm, bow throws, plant residue to crustaceans, daphnia, small pellets.

Worms only
Worms are just like waterworms with a very thin, pink body. These are organisms that live in warm and polluted water. The oxygen-deficient waters are where they are most prevalent. This is the favorite food of most fish species including Neon fish. Fish that eat this food will be supplemented with a large amount of protein for better growth and development.

Bo Bo
Bobo is also known as oocyte, persimmon, water flea, red baby. These are small freshwater crustaceans and there are many.

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