Four reasons for the weakness of the dog’s legs and legs

In life, we often encounter a problem, the dog’s legs and feet suddenly have no strength. What’s happening? What should I do if my dog ​​has weak limbs?

Generally there are 4 reasons as follows:


1: Some dogs will have congenital seizures or hip dysplasia. These two types are congenital. Dogs with bone problems will have poor legs and legs. Take care to vaccinate and eat some MAG joints to protect your legs and feet.

2: The dog has an infectious disease

Solution: sent to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible, since we are not experts, so there is no better solution, relying only on experts to solve ~

3: Insufficient calcium leads to soft feet and feet. Why is there not enough calcium?

(1): Absorb excessive amounts of vitamins in prescribed recipes. Many parents like to feed their dogs carrots, chicken livers, pork, beef offal, etc. These foods have too much vitamin A. Can cause your dog’s calcium to not be absorbed. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the intake of this food.

(2): Insufficient calcium. Many parents only feed dog food, not supplement. This is not enough for large and medium dogs, and it is easy to have symptoms of calcium deficiency. You can give your dog some high Gudeng calcium tablets, rich in calcium and vitamin D to help absorb calcium. The common food can eat some bones, bone soup, shrimp skin and so on.

4: due to lack of exercise

Solution: more sunbathing, helping absorb calcium, suitable exercise. There may also be too much time to close the cage, resulting in uncomfortable standing, sitting and sleeping postures.

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