The Golden Retriever is more docile in dogs

The Golden Retriever is more docile in dogs, and it has a good temper, as if it won’t be angry no matter what happens. Some people also say that because the Golden Retriever’s temperament is very good, it won’t get angry no matter who touches it, so the Golden Retriever is very easy to be stolen. But sometimes the Golden Retriever is short-tempered and jealous.


Netizens have a golden retriever. The little guy is very beautiful and very obedient. Usually, he is a good helper in the owner’s life. Once a netizen rested at home and watched TV on a tablet. Initially, Jin Mao wanted to play with his master, but netizens ignored Jin Mao and let Jin Mao play himself.

After that, the Golden Retriever was unhappy, and it still ate flat vinegar. So it immediately picked up the tablet in front of netizens, which surprised netizens. Netizens wanted to use a tablet, but Jin Mao was not relieved, and his expression was still very unhappy. In the end, netizens let Jin Mao hold the tablet and wanted to see what he wanted to do.

What netizens don’t think about is Golden Retriever picking up the tablet and going to the bathroom, then throwing the tablet at the toilet very firmly! Netizens laughed when they saw this. It turned out that Jin Mao, who had such a good temper, would be angry and jealous. Some netizens said that this golden retriever is perfect! Very funny.

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