The original owner put the electronic dog in the barn

With the development of society, more and more men and women have to live alone, wandering alone in big cities away from home. Wander outside, someone will always have a pet to accompany, so that life is not too lonely, and there are a few things to do in free time.


A netizen holds a dog, and sometimes he will stay in a barn. The dog looks very good, and being quiet in a cage will not cause trouble. Netizens have a weird, want to see such a giant dog, what would it become if you saw an electronic dog?

So, netizens brought the electronic dog into the dog’s cage, suddenly the dog turned his head to avoid the electronic dog, even the foot was taken back, the owner laughed when he saw it. !

Netizens operate an electronic dog to make the digital dog closer to the dog. I didn’t expect the dog to shrink in the corner and didn’t dare move at all. It’s easy to give up your own territory. The owner looks at this scene with a wry smile, the dog, your tall body is really afraid of such a small electronic dog, it really opens its eyes!

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