12 techniques to raise Koi fish in large aquariums

Surely there are many people who want to learn about how to raise Koi fish in an aquarium? Is there another outdoor lake? How do koi fish not die after spawning? Difficult or easy? Is it difficult to raise koi fish quickly, healthy and beautiful?

Nowadays, the way to raise Koi carp is very much, depending on specific species of fish. Because they are known for their lustrous appearance and high value. In this article, we will introduce all of the veteran players’ experiences and practices of keeping Koi fish in an aquarium.


Origin of Koi fish

The Koi carp belongs to the family of carp (Cyprinidae), a common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that has been domesticated and bred for ornamental purposes in small lakes. This breed is native and popular in Japan. With outstanding appearance, Japanese Koi carp is one of the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

They have always been a hot topic at aquarium forums around the world. Here, they share all the best ways to raise Koi carp, instruct how to raise koi without dying. How to feed the fish to a beautiful color. Therefore, their value is also increasing.

Koi carp are ornamental fish that can live up to a hundred years old. How to raise Koi carp in artificial tanks can live up to 25-45 years. They are easy to keep and grow quickly. However, it is not so that it is said that the way to raise Koi fish in an aquarium, how to raise koi fish quickly grows and grows beautiful color is very simple.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium according to the water temperature

Koi fish culture in an aquarium grows best when the water temperature is 21 – 27 ℃. This fish has good health, high adaptability to the environment. They can survive temperatures from 5 to 30 ℃. A concentration of 7 – 7.5 is considered ideal. To have a scientific way to raise Koi carp, avoid sudden changes in pH. Because like that will greatly affect the health of the fish.

In order to have a way to grow Koi fish quickly, it is necessary to pay close attention to the growth of algae. If algae grow too much, it will absorb all the oxygen concentration in the water and choke the fish. You can plant more plants in the water such as lotus, reeds around the lake. A small waterfall or a fountain (in the form of a well) also has a remarkable effect.

Regardless of how a Koi carp or any fish species is raised, it is important to change the water regularly after feeding. Change every 3-5 days. Each time a small amount of water is changed. Because they eat and drink a lot, the fish will also urinate.

So it is necessary to regularly change the water to ensure the water is clean. At the same time, this is also a way to grow Koi fish quickly and how to raise Koi fish without dying due to environmental pollution must always be remembered.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium according to density

When keeping Koi carp in addition to making sure they grow well, the farmer also needs to pay attention to the beautiful color. Beautiful Koi fish need a good source. Besides, the culture environment greatly affects the color of the fish. The density also affects a lot how quickly the Koi grow or not. Because of high density, fish will slow to grow more slowly. Density depends on the size of the lake or aquarium.

With the way to grow Koi fish quickly in an aquarium, attention should be paid to the location. It is best to place the lake in an airtight place, in the lake with aquatic plants. Can grow more plants, lotus flowers, algae. This is beneficial for fish growth.

The way to keep Koi fish from dying is to use spring water and running water regularly. This is how to raise Koi carp that has been used for a long time by humans. Minerals in water and other ingredients can increase the pigmentation of fish skin. Koi fish raised in natural lakes often have vibrant colors and rich vitality.

There is also a way to raise Koi fish in an aquarium can also be raised in cement tanks, natural outdoor lakes. A depth of about 0.6 – 0.8 m is ideal. The density of fish farming is not too thin, 1m² can be stocked with 3-5 fish. The tank is large in size, fish density is 1m² for 1-3 fish.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium with other breeds

Koi fish can be raised with some other ornamental fish species. However, it is important to pay attention to the personality characteristics and lifestyle of the Koi to choose the right aquarium fish. This is also a way to keep Koi fish from dying, because if they do not match, they can attack each other. The most suitable aquarium breeds include:

Fish clean the tank

How to raise Koi fish quickly, you can pair with fish to clean the tank. They are omnivorous, and almost any food can be eaten. They mainly eat fish food, other fish droppings. Sometimes fish eggs can be eaten at the bottom of the aquarium. This fish often cling to the wall of the tank, eating algae and moss. Helps to clean the water environment in the tank and reduce the growth of bacteria.

The fish clean the tank gentle, rarely attack other types of fish. Can be combined with large breeds of fish. How to raise koi carp with cleaning fish is very simple. Hardly a lot of care. As long as the water is clean and the acid is weak, they can grow well. The ideal temperature for cleaning fish in tanks is above 20 ℃.


How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium with goldfish should pay attention to the water temperature. In 0 – 39 ℃ temperature conditions, fish can survive without sudden changes in temperature. If the temperature difference is up to 7- 8 ℃, the fish will be susceptible to infection and die.

The most suitable temperature for goldfish to grow is 20 – 28 ℃ (similar to how to keep Koi fish in a single aquarium). So it is very suitable to keep these two fish species together. The higher the temperature, the more strongly the fish metabolized. Hence fertility is also higher.

Koi fish farming methods do not die

The most stable way to keep Koi carp in an aquarium is to keep them from small to large. But for beginners, there will be a problem: how to raise koi carp? How to raise Koi fish not to die after birth?

How to raise koi fish without dying should pay most attention to the feeding problem of fry. If you are spawning young fish at home, you will use the spawning basin to temporarily raise the fry. Newly hatched small fry will carry a yellow ovule. Therefore, when the fry are hatched for 3 days, there is no need to feed them. The fry will absorb the nutrients in the ovule for food.

Once the larvae of the fry are gone, the fry can be placed in the swirling water. In the swirling stream there will be Artemia. The fry can take Artemia as food. It is also possible to feed the fry to foods such as worms, soybean meal …

How to raise koi fish that do not die after more than 20 days requires great attention. At this time, it is possible to feed the fish with slightly large foods such as flour worms … When they are about ten centimeters old, they can be fed with sprout. When it grows to about 25cm, the sprouts can be used as main food for the fry.

How to raise Koi fish quickly

Actually, how to raise Koi fish quickly is not too difficult because the food of the young fish is not too complicated. Furthermore, koi carp feed has nothing to do with large Koi carp. You also do not need to worry about problems such as beautiful color? The way to grow Koi fish quickly just needs to provide balanced nutrition for the fry.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium, you can depend on the characteristics of each species to feed them more or less. When the water temperature in the tank rises to 8 -10 ° C, the Koi will begin to eat a small amount. Fish nutrition should be used for a healthy boost. At the same time increase their development speed.

How koi fish grow quickly is mainly influenced by the choice of food and feeding the fish. Feeding must be timed and located. The amount of feed must be determined according to the weather, water temperature and feeding intensity of the Koi. It is important that the koi fish’s food is clean and fresh. You can refer to some specialized fish feed recommended by fish players at Vietpet.net.

How to raise Koi fish in a spawning aquarium

The ideal temperature in breeding Koi carp is 3 – 10 ° C, fish reaching a weight of 1.5kg is able to breed. Choose fingerlings that are well built, without any wounds or diseases. Before the spawning period, about 1 month, start to keep male and female fish separately.

At this time should not be subjective because the fish is mature. It is important to know how to keep Koi fish from dying during the breeding stage. Because there are many changes. The koi carp spawning is in May every year, when the water temperature is steady above 16 ° C.

Drop the fish at the rate of 1 male 3 female, transfer to a prepared tank. Before stocking the fish need to disinfect the tank. Watch when the fish spawn, immediately remove the broodstock as soon as they are finished. After about 5-7 days the fry will start to hatch. Start to apply the Koi fish farming method to grow quickly in this period.

The best way to breed Koi carp is to feed 4 times a day, divided into the morning and afternoon twice a day. Each feeding the amount of food equivalent to 2% – 10% of the fish’s weight, approximately 20-30 minutes is done. Food should be changed regularly, and at the same time, ensure to kill bacteria to avoid fish infection.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium after winter break

During winter, the koi fish are hungry for a long time. They develop slowly and are in weak condition. Before spring, the fish’s fitness dropped to its lowest level. As the water temperature increases, bacteria multiply and the likelihood of disease increases greatly. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how to raise koi fish that do not die at this time.

The aquarium is an ideal habitat. However, this is also the breeding ground for the pathogen. The water quality of the Koi aquarium has a direct impact on their health. The lines on the Koi fish body are very bright and beautiful. If the Koi are sick, it will also affect the aesthetic value of the fish.

Koi fish will eat more as the temperature increases. This will also accelerate the fish’s growth. Therefore, how to raise Koi fish in an aquarium should pay attention to the water level. It should be controlled at 0.6 – 0.8m so that the water temperature can rise faster. In the case of continuous rainy weather, it is necessary to increase the water depth appropriately. Prevent the water temperature in the tank from changing too much.

How to raise Koi fish in an aquarium in the spring

Spring weather characteristics

Spring weather, the way to raise Koi carp is also different. The weather is cloudy and rainy. Insufficient light and low air pressure, poor water quality. The bottom of the reservoir contains many harmful agents. Toxic substances such as nitrite and ammonia make the water quality of the aquarium much worse

For how to raise Koi fish quickly and how to raise koi fish that do not die, there is less disease in this season, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature. From March to April the temperature changes dramatically. Rainfall increased markedly and the amount of water also increased significantly. Due to the frequent changes in cold and warm air, the temperature difference is relatively large. Koi aquariums are often affected by damaging cold and cold weather.

Increase the temperature of the mini Koi aquarium

Spring weather with the temperature continuously decreasing, the air being both cold and warm is relatively warm, causing convection in the aquarium. So also fish diseases that gradually increased. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise control over all the activities of the aquarium. The water temperature of the Koi aquarium increases by about 10 ° C or more.

Adding new water to the lake is a way of raising Koi carp that many people share. The addition of water to the aquarium helps to remove toxins, increase dissolved oxygen and improve the water temperature. Since then, it promotes early activity, early re-eating and early growth.

It is very important to keep koi fish from dying from low water temperature. Koi fish are less active and eat less so the amount of water in the aquarium should not be too much. However, newly built aquariums or lakes that require fish release in the spring need to be fully replenished. As the water temperature rises, and the fish eats more, the water level may gradually increase. It is recommended to add new water for about a week to 10 days. With the koi carp culture in an aquarium, the water level can be gradually increased in April.

How to raise Koi carp without getting sick

When breeding Koi carp and interested in how to raise Koi fish quickly and beautifully, the farmer needs to observe them regularly. For how to raise Koi fish in an aquarium, it is necessary to periodically clean the aquarium, and at the same time change the water regularly if there is no running water.

The water in the lake must ensure many nutrients, clear water, constantly renewed to be beneficial for Koi fish. When the weather is too hot or rain must be aerated into the tank, preventing lack of oxygen. How to raise koi fish that do not die from disease must regularly prevent them.

How to keep Koi carp in a clean environment is very important. You can use table salt and water when washing the tank. Periodically use lime or antibiotics to clean the tank. If the lake is very dirty, it should be treated immediately. In addition, it is necessary to prevent harmful animals for Koi fish such as birds, snakes, rats … to avoid unnecessary losses.

Guidelines for the treatment of habitat for Koi carp

To ensure the fast growing and healthy way to grow Koi fish, you need to disinfect and filter the water in the outdoor Koi pond. Use bleach powder containing 30% chlorine sprinkled evenly over the entire surface of the aquarium. Ensure the concentration of powder in water is 1ppm. To prevent fish diseases caused by bacteria. You should do this twice a month.

For a Koi fish culture that is not killed by parasites, the “prevention is key” measure. The best way to raise koi carp is to combine prevention and strict control. Use antiparasitic drugs to destroy them under specific conditions. When killing parasites, not only kills parasites on fish, but also parasites and larvae present in water.

Parasiticides should be selected according to the nutritional concentration of the water, the weather, the water temperature and the activity of the fish. When the water temperature is normal and there is no abnormality in the fish’s activities, the drug can be sprayed at 3 – 4 pm.

How to raise Koi carp quickly, avoid dying if there is rain, low air pressure, too low water temperature, lack of oxygen and unusual signs of fish school should not be sprayed. Otherwise it will pollute the water environment. Increases diseases in fish and causes damage.

In addition, pay special attention to the behavior of fish when killing parasites. Since then, there is a way to raise Koi fish without dying in time. If there are unusual manifestations such as swimming turbulence, shaking, swimming close to the shore, then you should change 50% of the water immediately. Then continue to observe. Appropriate antibiotic should be used immediately after the end of the spray.

Notes on outdoor koi carp

Aquariums: can be kept in tanks or ponds. However, for how to raise Koi fish in an aquarium, there should not be too many decorations. Just enough. Because if there is too much it can be dangerous for the fish.
Water: Pay attention to the temperature and quality of the water so that the fish grow well and have a nice color. It is recommended to apply the way of keeping Koi carp in a glass tank to easily adjust the water temperature.
Food: in order to have a way to raise Koi fish without dying and how to raise koi fish quickly, it is necessary to pay attention to food from a young age. When they grow, food also affects their color. Fish should eat canned food, 1kg of koi fish should be fed 3 ounces of food. 1 day divided into 3-4 times to feed.

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