11 things to know when playing and how to raise platypus

Red-tailed catfish is also known as red-tailed catfish in Vietnam. Scientific name is Phractocephalus hemioliopterus. It is one of the many varieties of the whole scene that is appreciated by the hobbyist. It stands out with greenish gray on its back so it is called the blue platypus.

Although they do not have many bright colors, they do not bring luck to the owner, but thanks to their special shape, they are still very popular in the aquarium hobby. So do you know how much money is the market selling the Red-bow platypus?

How to raise platypus is not too complicated But not so that it is considered that breeding this fish is simple. In this article we will introduce how to raise and find out how much the market for selling platypus is for readers to refer.


Physical characteristics of the platypus Red-tailed fish

This is a fish with a beautiful appearance with an elongated body, a wide and flat back. The fish’s mouth has 3 pairs of fringed antennae on each side, acting as a sense of them. The head and mouth are very large, with a white border extending to the base of the tail. Very elegant swimming figure.

Phractocephalus platypus has a greenish gray back, bright white belly. The tail and dorsal fins are pale red, the pectoral fins and abdomen black. All fins have hard prongs.

The natural blue Red-Tailed Fish has a uniform dark color throughout the body. After years of artificial selection, their colors have changed a lot. How much money you sell for red-tailed fish is also influenced by their physical characteristics.

The size of the Red-Tailed Fox is blue

The platypus body size that lives in the wild and is raised by humans varies greatly. The size of the platypus Red Tails also depends on many factors.

However, you need to rely on their development to design the right aquarium. Since these are inherently large fish, they need a more spacious habitat and space.

According to research, there are many documents regarding the size of the blue platypus. In the wild, its largest size is about 2.8m.

Although in the human breeding environment does not reach that size, but compared to many other fish species it is also very outstanding. How much red-tailed fish can be sold is determined by their size.

According to the latest records, the blue platypus red is raised with the largest size of about 1.8m. However, this is certainly not the limit. Depending on the type of care and nurture, it still has potential to grow.

Habitat of platypus Red-tailed fish

The blue platypus when they are about to give birth, often find a dark place to hide. They are more active at night, during the day and often gather in herds at the bottom of the lake or shelter. Through artificial breeding, their nocturnal instincts have diminished.

Although the blue platypus is quite aggressive, it is easy to raise, grows quickly, and can be raised with commercial food. It is recommended that you only buy and sell platypus at any price, so you should only stop at one individual.

An adult blue platypus can make a cat-like sound. The suitable temperature for farming is 22 – 28 ° C, the water is slightly sour. PH = 6, gH = 5. The platypus is not suitable for keeping in alkaline water. Dirty fish water susceptible to skin diseases or gills.

When keeping a lot of green Redbill fish, they will bite each other. The fish’s beard is fragile but can grow back very quickly.

The Platypus has poor eyesight, mainly relying on the beard to feed. So the aquarium should not put too many decorations as well as grow aquatic plants.

Red-Tailed platypus fish food

The platypus like to eat meat

Compared to other aquarium fish, the food of this breed is not complicated. Even snails are considered good food and swallows. However, the main food of this particular fish is still meat.

Including shrimp meat, small fish, eel, chicken, beef … or commercial food for fish pellets. They can be easily purchased at Vietpet.net. As much as you buy and sell platypus, the amount you spend on food for fish is much more. Especially when they grow up.

Try to feed the Platypus a variety of food. Each day this fish can be extremely full. This promotes faster growth.

Pay attention to cleaning fish food

In foods that should also be noted, the live mackerel is extremely tough. Before feeding, you can soak in water with antiseptic powder or salt water to sterilize.

Soak for about half an hour to an hour. Then cut it into small pieces, making sure the eels are dead before feeding.

The larger platypus, the more enthusiastic. In 2 years it can be up to 1m long. So you must ensure the quality of the dedicated aquarium.

Make sure that after an angry platypus hits the glass, there will be no unnecessary damage. If you do all of the above well, you will definitely have a fish of outstanding size. And the unknown about the exact size of this fish will be answered.

The platypus snapper can swallow other species of fish

The platypus’s food has become a very sensitive issue for the hobbyist. A lot of people call them the devour king.

The platypus is indeed an omnivore that can be swallowed by a mixed vegetarian diet. Especially extremely easy to swallow other aquarium fish.

This situation has happened a lot. No matter how much the seller sells the Red-Tailed platypus, it is important to consider the breeds of the fish raised with them. Cheap but aggressive fish that are not suitable should not be purchased.

For example, once swallowing Dragon fish, Tai Tuong leopard fish, rocket crocodile … Just satisfying the condition that the size is smaller than the platypus is basically swallowed up in the abdomen.

Therefore, your veterinarian recommends that you check your aquarium for any small falling objects during your nursing. If so, immediately pick it up, in case the platypus is swallowed by mistake. Causes relatively serious consequences.

The platypus is a species that is active at night. They often go out to feed at night. But when they are full, they will lie still on the bottom of the tank without activity. So it is possible to choose a feeding time at night. Prevent hungry fish from devouring other tropical fish in the aquarium.

How to feed the blue duckbill

While feeding the blue platypus, the following types of food should be noted:

Bran pellets are best fed from a young age. If not, the fish will not like to eat commercial food after growing. This is an aquarium fish that can be very large in size. Their growth rate is extremely fast.
Before feeding the eel, it is best to determine the eel has been treated to death. The eel is very tough, very easily move in the stomach and intestines of the platypus. It can puncture the intestines and cause death.
Chicken, beef, offal can spoil the water quality easily. Best to limit feeding.

Should catfish platypus give salt?

As we all know, during the farming of tropical fish, including both saltwater and freshwater fish, the biggest difference between these two is that the amount of salt in the water is not the same.

Saltwater fish need a balanced amount of salt. Normally freshwater fish will not need salt. Unless used to disinfect or disinfect, prevent or treat sick fish.

Scalesless tropical fish do not have protective scales, making it difficult to prevent salt damage to the skin mucosa. It has an increased lesion easily.

Buying and selling platypus is not as important as whether the fish is healthy or not. As for whether or not platypus can be salted or not, the answer is extremely low salt. Therefore, farmers need to pay close attention to this.

When to use salt in the aquarium?

Time to use salt is often seen in common diseases in aquarium fish. In the early period when you first detect signs of the disease, most farmers use three basic methods. That is to increase the temperature, change the water, add salt …

So when raising the platypus, can the platypus add salt? Specifically, how much salt is added? Up to now, there are no specific data to show how much salt is needed.

If normal, before buying and selling fish, how much does the platypus cost? The number of fingerlings and other tropical fish, you can know the exact amount of salt. But for this breed of catfish you need to do some kind of self-regulation.

How much salt for the platypus is enough?

The blue platypus is a scaly fish. If you are unsure whether salt should be used, your veterinarian recommends extremely low salt intake. Or don’t use salt.

If you are still a newbie, not familiar with salt use, you can ask someone with experience to guide you. Or else, salt is not required. Simply raising the temperature, changing the water can also solve the problem.

From the above it can be seen that any fish breed has defects. How to raise fish to be healthy and well-developed requires a combination of many factors.

Requires farmers to understand and learn carefully about their characteristics. Buying and selling platypus, at any price, also puts health requirements on top.

Only then can the worst risk happen. Each breed of aquarium fish has different conditions and environment. It cannot be applied in general.

Some notes when breeding Red-bellied blue platypus

The platypus are easily startled, at night if they suddenly turn on the light, they will be scared and crash. When picking fish, some fish have fading phenomenon. Farmers do not need to worry too much, because this phenomenon only happens in a short time.

The duckling red-bowed fish (less than 30cm in size) has not completely developed digestive system. Farmers need to pay attention not to overfeed, fish are bloated or shocked and prone to vomiting. Due to their greedy behavior, they are very easy to swallow foreign bodies.

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