11 rules to remember in how to raise Ping Pong Fish

How to raise fish Ping Pong difficult or easy? What do fish Ping Pong eat? Where can I buy Ping Pong fish food? What fish are farmed with Ping Pong fish? This is the content of our article today. Please follow along.


About Ping Pong fish

Ping Pong fish, also known as pearl goldfish, Chinsurin pearl scales fish. Is a breed of goldfish originating from China. This is the preferred aquarium fish breed in aquariums or mini aquariums.

The distinctive feature of this strain is that it has ruffled scales that look like a pearl, so the fish is called a pearl with scales that look like colorful pearls. Ping Pong fish has a very strong vitality, but not everyone knows how to raise Ping Pong fish for them to grow best.

How to raise Ping Pong fish with a moderate density

In the period when the fry begin to grow pearl scales, they should be kept with a moderate density to control the growth rate of the fish. Help the fish develop the most balanced head and scales. When the fish starts to reach the standard shape, the stocking density should be gradually reduced. To stimulate them to grow faster.

After about 1 month, increase the density of fish in the tank. High density culture will stimulate the competitiveness of fish, helping to improve resistance. If the Ping Pong fish is raised with something, it should be raised from a young age.

How to raise Ping Pong fish in winter

Ping Pong fish is suitable for keeping in slightly greenish water or old but clean water. Do not let the water completely turn green, which can cause chickenpox, edema, desquamation and other diseases.

Ping Pong fish is a cold-blooded animal. Although it can survive in 0 – 30 temperatures, the ideal temperature for them to grow is 20 – 28 ° C.

How to raise Ping Pong fish in winter should be paid attention, should not change all the water in the aquarium. Simply use a bottom-level suction hose to remove feces and dirt. In summer, it can be done once a week to change the water completely, every 3-4 times, change the water of the bottom layer. Change 1/3 or half of the water in the tank each time.

What do fish Ping Pong eat?

The 3 most notable features of Ping Pong fish are: head, body and scales. In which the development of fish shape and scale has a certain conflict. In the way of raising fish, Ping Pong mainly needs to pay attention to feeding. Need to know what Ping Pong fish eat? Ping Pong fish feed goes through specific stages.

How to raise Ping Pong fish and Ping Pong fish in the first stage? At this time, it is necessary to promote the development of the body and health of the fish. So, whatever you eat, you need Anbumin supplement.

When the fish starts to grow pearls need immediate adjustment to stimulate beautiful scales. Need to add calcium to fish, moreover, it must control the growth rate of fish.

Avoid the condition of the uneven development of the body and scales, causing them to lose their scales, affecting the beauty of the fish. Through this stage, the fish reaches adulthood. Now just need to balance the amount of food for Ping Pong fish so that they can grow stably.

Variety of food for fish Ping Pong

For Ping Pong fish feed, choose foods rich in Albumin. The larger the fish, the more food for Ping Pong fish will decrease to the right amount.

Because if you feed the Ping Pong fish too much, it is not only not large but also appears on the body a mucus layer. Gradually make the fish sluggish, deforming body and loss of fish scales. The food for fish Ping Pong is very varied.

Food for fresh Ping Pong fish: shrimp, red threadworm, Daphnia …
Plant-based Ping Pong fish feed: green vegetables (cucumber, peas, lettuce). Note not to eat something Ping Pong too much (should feed 1-2 / day). Avoid making fish difficult to digest, bloating and polluting the water.
Industrial Ping Pong fish feed: pellets, powder …

Note when feeding Ping Pong fish

Live bait and Ping Pong pellets food must be properly coordinated. Failure to pay attention can lead to uneven fish scales, insufficient round body shape or mucus membranes around the body.

Feeding Ping Pong fish is fine, but it is best to be full 8-9 servings. Eating too much fish is easy to obesity, swim weak, flakes, … Too few fish do not have enough nutrients to grow, not round as standards. Balance the amount of food each time to control the rate of shape and scale development.

What fish are farmed with Ping Pong fish?

Many farmers still do not know what fish to raise Ping Pong with. This is a fish with a gentle personality. It is possible to coexist peacefully with most tropical freshwater aquarium fish.

However, when the Ping Pong fish is raised with fish, it is important to pay attention in the aquarium, so decorative items such as gravel, rocky are limited … Because Ping Pong fish is very easy to injure. This ensures to minimize the possibility of fish getting injured when impacted.

Although it is okay to say that Ping Pong fish can be raised with any fish, it is also important to pay attention to some aggressive and active fish. While swimming in the pool can collide causing Ping Pong fish to hurt.

Fish breeding techniques Ping Pong

How to raise Ping Pong fish should pay attention to the habitat, what does Ping Pong fish eat and how does Ping Pong fish breed? What fish Ping Pong is kept with fish when spawning also needs special attention. It is necessary to add more nutrients to the fish during this period.

A female Ping Pong mating can produce 1000 eggs. If you want to keep this fish, you need to carefully understand their breeding time so that when it is season they can leave the tank. Otherwise, the eggs may be eaten by other species in the tank.

Due to its good reproductive capacity, when keeping, you should only keep with moderate density to limit the number of fish in the tank after the mating season. Then enough nutrients are provided for the fish to grow and have enough space in the tank. As the fish get bigger and bigger you should monitor and reduce the number accordingly.

Should you drop water in Ping Pong Goldfish aquarium?

The area for watering should not exceed 1/5 of the water surface. Do not allow the duckweed to cover or cover most of the tank surface. If the water hyacinth covers the water surface, it will affect the photosynthesis of other aquatic plants. Causing the aquarium to lack oxygen, greatly affecting the health of the fish.

Do not let down when the weather is hot or stormy. Because of weather or other reasons, the nutritional composition of the aquarium will decline.

If the duckweed is released during this time, it will reduce the amount of nutrients or oxygen. Severe cases can cause the fish to die. Not to mention that the Ping Pong fish is raised with something fish available in the tank.

Do not float at dusk or at night. Because at night, the air in the tank will be dissipated as the plants begin respiration. Moreover, goldfish will breathe more after they eat it full. At this time, if you drop the duckweed, it will make the tank water lack of oxygen.

How to raise Ping Pong fish when the owner is away from home

In many cases, the owner is away for a long time, unable to care for the fish. At this point we should clean the aquarium before going. Clean all stones, decorations, plants and equipment in the aquarium. If the Ping Pong fish are kept with something, it is also important to note the recent relationship between them.

Then change 1/4 of the tank water, stop feeding the fish. Check all equipment, power sources, ensure stable operation to be able to safely leave the house.

Ping Pong fish is able to survive in conditions of lack of food for half a month. Because they are very capable of fasting. Many newcomers often do not understand this. Before going away, we often feed the Ping Pong fish very well. When we got home, we found out that all the fish died.

The reason is that after the fish is full, the dried pellets of Ping Pong will absorb water. Therefore they will drink a lot of water, leading to bloating and death. However, the young fish should not starve for too long, which will affect their development.

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